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Part I Deadline: Application Closed for 2018 ; Part II Deadline: Application closed for 2018

Congratulations Siemens Competition Semifinalists 2017, Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Finalists and Intel ISEF Finalists 2018 - Dylan, Cassandra, and Jacky

High School Summer Science Research Program

This summer high school science research program is designed to fully immerse students into independent science research methods and to complete a full research investigation/experiment which could be submitted to competition; for example - JSHS, I-SWEEEP and Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

Summer Program Dates: July 8 - August 2, 2019
Application Deadline: Part I - due March 15, 2019
Part II - due March 22, 2019
Cost: contact us for 2019 tuition schedule
Financial Aid: Limited numbers of full and/or partial scholarships are available. Please submit a financial aid letter with application
Eligibility: Students must complete eighth and/or ninth grade of high school by June 2018.
Lab Hours: Monday-Friday
9:00am - 4:30pm
Location: Nassau Community College (NCC) - 1 Education Drive, Garden City, NY 11530
Instructors: Serena McCalla, Ph.D. & Terrence Bissoondial, Ph.D.
Chaperones: Students will be escorted to and from the lab and supervised during lunch and all other activities (including the laboratory, library and computer facilities, etc.). Transporation to and from NCC is not provided by iResearch Institute.
The Details

What will you achieve at this summer science research program?

What you need to know about iResearch institute before you attend

What will I learn at iRI?

Students will be divided into two groups to complete the science research summer courses and experimentation.

Can I submit to competitions?

The goal of iResearch Institute summer high school research program is to conduct proper experimentation to prepare for local, regional, and national science research competitions, as applicable.

Will age groups be separated?

Students who completed eigth grade education will be separated from students who completed ninth grade education.

How will experimentation occur?

The experimentation process will occur within a team. Each student member will address aspects of an original research project to ensure adequate findings (via the completion of varied tests) to support or negate their hypotheses.

Skills? Talents?

We will teach the following science research methods:

- To design/outline research proposals

- To effectively present research related findings verbally or written

- To design and illustrate PowerPoint presentation boards and slides for competition readiness.

- To write publishable abstracts

- To write publishable research papers

- To conduct safe experimental research

- To understand rules and guidelines of competitions


How will each day be planned?

Each day will be divided into two sections:


- Research methods training

- Basic biology and chemistry training

- Learning and conducting laboratory experimentation to test novel hypotheses.



Your Instructors

Dr. Serena McCalla

My primary passion is to initiate a steadfast ardor for science research early in a student's academic career. Innate motivation, dedication, and hands-on inquiry will propel this generation of students to improve life on this planet as we know it.

Dr. Terrence Bissoondial

My research training is designed to familiarize students with the basic precepts of biological research. In all that I have done to date or see myself doing, I think I shall know of no deed closer to perfection than teaching and researching; to influence eternity and not to fade into oblivion, unknown and unremembered.